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Hadi considering major changes to military leadership

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Yemeni Military leaders

By: NY Staff

Military sources have stated that President Hadi is currently considering implementing plans involving radical changes in military and security institutions, moves that could represent significant progress in restructuring the Yemeni army.

According to sources, the plans would aim to cancel and integrating particular security and military units, including the First Armored Division, led by Ali Mohsen, and the Fourth Armed Brigade, which is led by Ahmed Khalil.

“The plans would also aim to reduce the number of Republican Guard units under Ali Abdullah Saleh’s son, Ahmed Ali,” said the source.

Sources have also stated that there would be complete integration of anti-terrorism forces affiliated with Central Security and the Republican Guard into one military unit with one leader appointed to it.

In a related matter, the official spokesman of the Military Committee said the recent incident which saw armed men breaking into and looting the equipments from the Interior Ministry was carried out by one of the country’s political forces.

“Investigations are still underway to discover the real planner of the attack and to reveal all things related to the incident,” added the spokesman. He said also that the committee had been assigned by President Hadi to conduct a thorough investigation.