Political Analysis

Important statement for the revolutionaries

National Yemen

Revolutionaries at the Change Square in Sana'a

Dear revolutionaries,

The month of Ramadan is coming to an end and we continue to stay in our squares of Freedom and Change as we planned and promised until we had overthrown the unjust regime a year and a half ago. We also proposed all possible solutions to rebuild the new nation as the first step towards reaching stability and the only way to develop a civil state in which law prevails.

We courageously bared all forms of oppressions as we sought the day when we would become free and so we will never accept anything which would take our freedom from us.

Through revolution, we overthrew the head of the oppression, but still this wasn’t enough – we did not reach the land of safety. To get there, to build a democratic country, we still need to go through a number of procedures, but this cannot be done as long as many from the former ruling family continue to control the military and security forces. They also are leading groups of gunmen which continue to occupy many of the country’s vital institutions. Meanwhile, their head still uses them to tamper with the country’s security.

Unfortunately, we see a president and prime minister who are unable to perform their duties, which include releasing arbitrarily detained revolutionaries who were arrested by different security sector branches. We also wonder at the international silence regarding this issue. In addition, the president and prime minister stopped the formation of the the medical committee that was tasked with continuing to find treatment for injured revolutionaries.

We consider such actions to represent clear cut proof of cooperation by the president and prime minister with tyranny and so we must be fully prepared to fight their plans.

What have we witnessed in response to tampering with the country’s wealth and attempts to ignore the revolution’s goals and requirements besides international silence towards armed militias which put our country at risk of slipping into civil war.

In response to all this, we announce the following,

*We demand that President Hadi respect the public welfare and that he take brave decisions to liberate the country’s institutions from the control of remnants of the former ruling family.

* We demand that the UN Secretary General and Security Council quickly form an international committee to investigate crimes committed against Yemenis.

*We warn countries sponsoring the GCC initiative against forcing their custody on Yemenis, something which is manifesting itself through the actions of their embassies in Yemen.

*The Preparatory Committee for the Youth Revolution announces that holding the National Dialogue Conference before obtaining the best circumstances for it and implementing our demands will be in vain.

*Obtaining rights for martyrs and the wounded, the immediate release of detainees and the rehiring of those who were unfairly dismissed from their jobs are nonnegotiable issues and we will accept no delays or inadequate compensation with regards to them.