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Member of Minister of Information’s private escort killed

National Yemen

Yemeni Minister of Information Ali Al-Amrani

By: NY Staff

The Minister of Information has refused involvement with any tribal mediation after a member of his private escort was killed in an attack which targeted the minister’s car early this past week. The car was fired upon by a tribal gunman who started shooting directly at the car as it stopped near the minster’s house.

A relative of the slain man denied reports of armed conflict between the gunman and the minster’s security guards and stated rather that the gunman started shooting without cause, leading to the death of the minister’s security guard.

Regarding the issue of tribal mediation, tribal sources and the victim’s relative stated that the minister hadn’t accepted any compensation in the case.

The relative said, “The gunman’s tribe attempted to propose compensation to the minister, but he is insisting on implementation of the law and the referral of the case to the judiciary system.”

A tribal source stated that the gunman – who belongs to Jahm tribe – shot at the minister’s car because he felt afraid of the minister’s escorts.

“He fears people because of a revenge issue he is running from and he thought the escorts were tribal gunmen who wanted to kill him.”