Minister of Planning prepares for donors’ conference

National Yemen

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sa'ady

By: NY Staff

Mohammed Al-Sa’ady, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, has stated that his ministry is working to complete the necessary documents for the upcoming donors’ conference, scheduled to be held on the 4th and 5th of September. Al-Sa’ady stated that the documents include an exceptional plan and a study concerning funding capacity for grants and aid projects.

“All donors are involved through their representatives in drafting the documents and expectations to ensure the success of the conference and finish with the desired results,” he added.

Al-Sa’ady revealed that the first day of the conference will be allocated for governmental and international organizations, while the second day will be for NGOs and the private sector.

The minister also stated that the conference would see the announcement of financial commitments to bolster future government efforts and also to reduce the effects of the difficult times the country has recently seen. He added that the support will aim to push the wheel of economic growth and reduce poverty and unemployment.

Al-Sa’ady said he valued the efforts of the Saudi government, as it will not only host the conference but has also gathered international and regional support. He also praised efforts by the World Bank and international organizations. He added that he expected positive results from the conference.