Ramadan series: a new Satan!

National Yemen

Asma Al-mohattwari, Staff Journalist

By: Asma Al-mohattwari

Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness and emancipation from hell. During this month, Satan is bound by chains and cannot whisper to and distract Muslims from acts of worship.

However, if we stopped and reflected for a moment, we would find that human beings have created a new devil no less dangerous than Satan. Do know you what it is?! It’s what they call ‘Ramadan series’.

It’s easy to notice that all the satellite channels are competing to broadcast the largest amount of TV series during Ramadan. So what is the purpose behind this?

It doesn’t take long to realize that an effort to prevent and distract Muslims from performing obligatory prayers and worshiping God during the holy month is behind it.

Just imagine the amount of series which broadcast from Iftar to Sahor. If everyone in a family watches five to six different series, when could they possibly find time to perform the Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers, read the Qur’an, visit relatives and do all the other things which bring Muslims closer to God in this blessed month?

There is no time to do so because… well, people run out of time. But with all this time in front of the TV, who benefits?

Believe me, the beneficiaries of these series are the producers, who reap millions from the sale of satellite shows to broadcast. And then there’s the satellite channels, which take in millions from selling ads for goods and products do be shown when the series are aired. Finally, companies benefit from the sale of and promotion of their goods during the month of Ramadan.


All are winners except Muslims themselves. Ramadan is a precious month, and the days, minutes, and hours contained in it are valuable. When this time is spent on formulaic series, people are left to discover that the month has ended for them, and that they have very little to show for it.