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Seven killed in Yemen blasts

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Victim of Al-Qaeda terrorist attack

(AFP) – A man lobbed a grenade in a busy market on Friday in Yemen’s second largest city of Ta’iz, killing at least six people, officials said, while a blast in Sana’a claimed one more life.

Ten others were injured in the attack in Ta’iz, staged when the market reopened in the evening after the Ramadan fasting hours, an official in the Ta’iz governor’s office said. “A man on a motorbike threw a grenade, killing six people and injuring 10 others,” he said, adding that the motive behind the attack was not yet clear.

Another person was killed and one more was injured in a blast in a southern neighbourhood of Sana’a when an explosive device placed near an internet cafe went off, locals and a doctor said.

The Defence Ministry said the explosion occurred near a khat market. Khat is a plant chewed for its stimulant qualities and is banned from import to the United States and many European countries, though it is still legal in Britain. Ta’iz was a protest hotbed last year during months of unrest against the rule of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the country is still struggling to get back on its feet since Saleh stepped down five months ago in a deal that ended months of protests against his 33-year rule and replaced him with his deputy, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

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