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Sheikh Salah Tawfeeq: southerners did not use weapons

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Protestors demanding separation

By: Ahmed Ba-Sareeh

Sheikh and Islamic scholar Salah Tawfeeq has said that southerners hadn’t aimed any weapons at camps belonging to what he called “Yemeni occupation soldiers.”

“Demonstrators who took to the streets demanding their rights after unity between south and north failed were harshly oppressed by the soldiers,” he added.

At a symposium held last Thursday, Sheikh Tawfeeq stated that independence would be achieved only through praying to Allah and especially during Ramadhan.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed delivered a brief speech encouraging southerners to unify their positions and principles and believe in one goal, that of independence. He denied that he stood in agreement with Yaseen Saeed Nu’man, as was reported by certain news websites.