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Suicide bomber surrenders before completing mission

By: NY Staff

The Sheba News Agency has announced that security forces have arrested Al-Qaeda affiliate member Ali Abdurrahman Al-Baihani, who is suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks. The agency added that the arrested terrorist is considered one of the organization’s most influential leaders and also that he had been in charge of recruiting children to fight with Al-Qaeda in Abyan and Shabwa.

In a related matter, security officer stated that a suicide bomber refrained from carrying out a terrorist attack targeting the British Embassy in the capital. Sources stated that the suicide bomber had been heading towards the British embassy with an explosive belt wrapped around his waist but that he disposed with it near Al-Thawra Hospital.

“He was afraid he was being observed by Al-Qaeda leaders so he made his way towards the British embassy and surrendered to the security forces with a plea that they save his life,” said the security officer.

According to security sources, the would-be suicide bomber led the security forces to the place where he had thrown the explosive belt.