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Thousands demand the firing of Saleh’s relatives

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People protesting demaing the firing of Saleh's relatives

By: NY Staff

Tens of thousands protested on Friday in front of President Hadi’s house to demand the removal of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s relatives from their key government and military positions, as including posts atop the Republican Guard and Central Security Forces.

Demonstrators took to the streets and promised to continue their protests until they had achieved their aims, even, as one of the demonstrators said, “if it took them seventy years.” One protestor named Abdurrahman stated that they demanded the removal of Saleh’s relatives and a restructuring of the army so that events such as the recent infiltration of the Interior Ministry are not repeated.

In a related matter, thousands of Houthis organized a protest march that filled the capital’s streets. They called for the government to be brought down, saying that it is unable to guarantee a decent life for its citizens.

Protestors carried and repeated a number of slogans that concerned key Houthi issues.They also demanded an end to a pattern of “creating crises and fueling conflicts” in Yemen.