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Benomar to return to Sana’a this week

National Yemen

Jamal Benomar

By NY Staff

United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar, a key player in the country’s ongoing political transition, is set to arrive in Sana’a on Wednesday. Topping his agenda for this particular visit will be efforts to assist the Yemeni government in developing constitutional amendments.

During Benomar’s last visit to Yemen, a three-week stay in June and July, he focused his energies on the government’s efforts to prepare for the upcoming National Dialogue Conference. He focused his efforts on promoting the participation of the many and disparate factions in Yemen’s political landscape.

Four steps were cited as necessary to achieve in the country’s near future, and included the formation of a new election committee, passage of the Transitional Justice Law, Military reconstruction, and for new and revised voter registration activities to be conducted.

Benomar also commended President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi on progress made during the early stages of Yemen’s transitional stage, but pointed out that “obstacles and challenges” lie ahead.