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Islah Party Chairman: no apology for Houthis

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By NY Staff

Islah Party Chairman for Jawf governorate Abdulhameed Amer has said that being expected to apologize to the Houthis was the same as being expected to apologize to killers.

“The government is supposed to apologize to those who killed thousands of Yemeni soldiers – this is a humiliation for the Yemeni people and our army,” said Amer.

Instead, Amer demanded a government investigation into the wars that took place in Sa’ada, and compensation given to the victims of these wars along with victims of other Houthi violations across the country.

According to Amer, Houthis carried out an armed and aggressive attempt at expanding their influence in the Jawf province, aiming to control areas outside Sa’ada.

Amer concluded by saying all political powers should join the national dialogue conference to discuss the problems of the country and seek out solutions.