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Protests held in front of Hadi’s house

National Yemen

President Hadi speaks out

BY NY Staff

The Al-Faisal Organization for Fighting Arrests and Torture held its first protest in front of President Hadi’s house this past week. The protest was held in solidarity with detainees Abdulkareem Ali and Hani Deen and bore a demand for their quick release.

The organization issued a statement calling for justice to be enforced and for a civil society to be formed. In the statement, the organization stated that the detainees’ arrests were illegal and also that the detainees had been forced to admit to things they had no involvement with.

The organization’s statement was delivered to President Hadi by Alia’a Al-Sha’abi. Hadi promised to respond within two days’ time. Organization representatives stated that they would continue their protests until the detainees’ cases had been properly resolved.