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Al-Mutawakil: “Yemen will fall into war” if anything happens

National Yemen

Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakel

By NY Staff

Sources have revealed that a number of military vehicles have begun surrounding former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s house to protect him from youth marches on his house which had recently been announced.

Dr. Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakil said some are trying to make use of escalations by youth who totally refused the immunity deal which was provided to Saleh.

“When the Islah party felt endangered, they planned to attack Saleh using youths, which means that certain sides are planning to ruin the GCC initiative. According to him, no one can cancel the immunity given to Saleh because it was granted him by countries sponsoring the initiative. “If the immunity is cancelled or if anything happens to Saleh, Yemen will fall into war and the results will be catastrophic,” he added.

Politician and academic figure Al-Mutawakil said President Hadi is moving through steps specified by the initiative and its mechanism. Regarding the Islah party’s attitude towards Hadi, Al-Mutawakil said that people aligned with Islah are currently attacking the president.

Accusations between Islah and the General People’s Congress continue to fly back and forth in response to the supposed march on Saleh’s house. Threats and accusations between the two parties increased after it was reported that Islah party members had announced that marchers would break into Saleh’s house.