Embassy break-in a greater abuse

National Yemen

: Mohammed Al-Absi

By: Mohammed Al-Absi


Revolution is not about standing in front of cameras, or people holding hands together at Change Squares, trying to gain the right to demonstrate. Neither is it a sort of catharsis for one’s anger through acts of violence. It is certain that there are no revolutionary acts anymore and also that, in reality, they no longer have any credibility.

Egyptians recently flooded towards the U.S. embassy to condemn a movie that abuses our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It was noble enough before such enthusiasm turned the demonstration into attempts to break into a foreign embassy.  It seems that events in Egypt revived the need to pretend for Yemeni revolutionaries, who immediately decided to organize a march to the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a just like the Egyptians. They finally remembered there was a U.S. embassy in Yemen.

We don’t mind that they imitate Egypt, as the goals of the September revolution were the same of Egypt’s July revolution. During marches, Yemenis will fool themselves into believing that their revolutions are the same. Let’s forget all large and small points of comparison and remember that all of Egypt would be put on fire if a single U.S. drone strike was launched on their land, regardless of whether it was precise or mistaken. Moreover, Egyptian revolutionaries adopt public issues without the need for permission from any committee.

I have supported the idea of organizing marches to the U.S. Embassy to express public discontent with American strikes on our land, and against its policy of not apologizing for killing innocent people. However, the situation is completely different now. The hidden but true reason behind the organization of marches on the embassy is the embarrassment the Islah party faces in response to Houthi attitudes towards the U.S.

I am with the idea of protesting against journalist Abdulelah Haidar’s continued presence in jail, but I do not agree with any demonstration which is driven by ideological motives.

My rejection of the march towards the U.S. Embassy doesn’t indicate that I’m not angry about abuse of our prophet.

But I support marches that express Yemeni reality, and not just pretending. With their shameful acts, march organizers certainly committed greater abuses against our prophet. Their acts include keeping a number of bodies in hospitals refrigerators without even bothering to check who they are.  They must stop making use of our Prophet Mohammed to reach their goals.