Trade Minister: industry the “fastest way” to create economic development

National Yemen

al-Kabous and Bin Taleb

Minister of Industry and Trade Dr. Sa’ad Al-Deen Salem Bin Taleb has said there are signs that indicate life is returning to normal after a serious and extended period of serious for Yemen. The minister’s statement came during an inauguration ceremony for Sintex Tanks, organized by the Al-Kaboos Group for Limited Industry, Trade and Investment.

The minister said that industry can be considered to be the fastest possible way to stabilize situations and create economic development to better people’s living situations in a relatively short span of time.

“Yemenis are considered to be among the most productive people and it is time for them to revive production on their own land,” he added.

He also congratulated the Al-Kaboos group for their local production and for exporting coffee and tea to the world.

In this regard, Hassan Al-Kaboos, Vice Chairman of the Al-Kaboos Directors’ Board, announced that the group would be open to a number of projects in the coming period, projects which would provide a thousand job opportunities.