Training courses launched for Yemen’s independent media

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Representative of independent media attends training coursefea

By: Amani Al-Surihi

Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) recently launched a training course on “The Financial Development of Independent Media in Yemen” in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a.

At the opening ceremony for the training course, Minister of Information Ali Al-Amrani demanded that the independent media in Yemen develop mechanisms and tools by which it can make itself more independent. He pointed out that the independent media is funded by people in an informal way.

Al-Amrani explained that some people gather money in an unlawful manner and establish media institutions which fail to serve Yemen. He said he expected such training as was being inaugurated would participate in enhancing the capability of media institutions that respect themselves and their readers, and which serve society.

For his part, SEMC Chairman Mustafa Nasr demanded that the Ministry of Information shift from the role of observer and take on the role of promoter, sponsor and even the main host of developing media in Yemen.

“We are keen to inaugurate these courses in the Ministry of Information to remind it of its responsibility toward the media in Yemen. The independent media requires more institutional and professional development,” said Mustafa.

Nasr explained that the three-day training course aimed to financially develop independent journalism using development resources, the preparation of executive plans to develop the sustainability of outlets, and the creation of financial structures built to contend with economic challenges.

This training course is a part of an institutional development program for independent media in Yemen and is implemented by the SEMC in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a.

The SEMC has organized four training courses;  the first and second for editors-in-chief of  websites and newspapers, entitled “Strategic Planning for the Independent Media,”  which will target 50 such individuals; the third and fourth training courses, under the name “Team Management in Journalism,” will be for editorial mangers of websites and newspapers.

A further two training courses – “Professional Marketing for the Independent Media” and “Mechanisms to Prevent Website Hacking” – will be given to public relations and advertising managers.