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Yemeni journalist accused of being an atheist

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Yemeni journalist and his wife

By NY Staff

Responding to people accusing him of being an athiest, a Yemeni journalist has published a photo of himself and his wife with her face and hair uncovered. The photo enraged a wide range of Yemenis, and especially tribesmen, who consider such actions forbidden. People have also visited the journalist’s Facebook page and posted their objection to his action.

Journalist Mohsen Ayedh said his wife’s family took her away by force and locked her away for two months after he was accused of being an atheist.

“She threatened to throw herself down a well if her family didn’t allow her to return to me; this forced them to surrender to her desire,” said Ayedh.

Ayedh is known for making fun of Yemeni politicians and the general situation in Yemen in a mocking way, including the use of photos on his Facebook wall. According to him, he was accused of being an atheist simply because he published photos of himself with his wife.

“Though they consider the photos I publish on my wall forbidden, they log on to my page and look at them,” he said.

Mohsen Ayedh said that he published his wife’s photos because he is living happily with her and also that they have the freedom to do what they wish. “It’s difficult to satisfy people and it is only Allah’s decision whether one goes to hell or paradise,” he added.

Ayedh said he protested against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2011, asking for change and a civil state. “I later discovered that Saleh and his sons were preferable to the tribal system and religious extremism,” he said.

According to Ayedh, Saleh and his regime did not use religion to maintain their power as some others are doing nowadays.