Yemeni trade delegation to participate in U.S food and beverage Show

National Yemen

Yemeni roasted Coffee

By: Abdurrahman Shamlan

A high-ranking Yemeni trade delegation composed of 15 well-known businessmen is set to visit the United States later this month to participate in the American Food & Beverage Tradeshow and Conference to be held on September 24-25 in Miami, Florida.

At the tradeshow, a wide variety of Yemeni food and beverages, ranging from soft drinks to coffee, will be exhibited and available to Americans and multinational prospective buyers who are expected to visit the tradeshow.

On Monday evening – a few days before the trade delegation leaves for Florida – US ambassador to Sana’a Gerald Feierstein received members of the delegation at his residence in Sana’a and discussed with them the importance of participating in the 16th Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference.

In his speech, Mr. Feiestein pointed out that the Yemeni delegation trip to the US is a part of an effort to improve the Yemeni economy and development based on a firm US firm conviction that “the development of the Yemeni economy is a critical part of the success of the political transition” and a sustainable solution for problems with violence and extremism.

He stressed the importance of the private sector’s role in developing the Yemeni national economy, and added that his country seeks to boost the partnership between the American and Yemeni businessman.

“We believe it’s important for the United States to have a strong role in working with the Yemeni private sector and encouraging the developing of relations; the developing of economical and investment opportunities for the American businesses to come here and develop partnerships with Yemeni business and to be a part of economic development in Yemen,” said Feierstein.

He noted that the trade delegation trip to the U.S. is the second Yemeni trade delegation to visit America this year, and said that only two trade delegations from Yemen had visited the U.S. over the past 25 years.

 For his part, Hassan Al-Kabous, the head of the Yemeni delegation, told the National Yemen that that there were many complex procedures in the past which prevented Yemeni businessmen from traveling to the States and importing or exporting their products.

“Now that these complex procedures have been removed, I think trade exchange between Yemen and the U.S. will significantly improve,” he said.

Ting Wu, the Economic and Commercial Officer at the American Embassy, said he considered participation in the trade show to be the first step towards increased trade exchange between Yemen and the U.S.