Winners, losers and shameful scripts

We as Muslims condemn the shameful action of attacking the Prophet – an action which, in the end, has provided a pretext for American marines to be in Yemen. A just response, that of condemnation, came as the response to news of an insulting movie. Yet unreasonable actions, witnessed in the aggressive break-in at the embassy, have allowed a just response to be swallowed up and distorted.

If anything, an apology is due for the name and honor of the Prophet Mohammed, an apology on behalf of those very individuals who called upon his name while conducting themselves in a dishonorable fashion.

A just response resulted in a loss; those who pined for a stronger U.S. military presence in Yemen were given a gift.

A benefit, rather than a reason to apologize, was proffered by the same individuals who scaled the embassy gate. The larger result could be a massive presence of American military personnel, and the issue of drone strikes, those which claim the lives of not only Al-Qaeda militants, but innocent citizens throughout Yemen? It could end up pushed to the side, for all intents and purposes forgotten.

An issue of insult – insult of the worst kind – threatens to become an issue of protection, of security, and of foreign military presence.

Speaking of scripts, there exists a narrative all too many influential foreign figures wish to see reflected in reality:  that of a world divided between east and west, between Christian and Muslim. Beyond the cheap, ridiculous movie which carried an insult, there are influential figures – and not mere bigots – who for their own shadowy reasons will love to see chaos in Middle Eastern streets. These are people who would love to see their hawkish advice followed – translated into troop presences, military offenses and yes, further drone strikes.


  • Just because someone claims to be a Christian does not mean they actually are, and actual Christians do not intend to insult anyone, they just want to tell the truth about what they believe. And, all religions (even Christians) are divided into sects of beliefs. But, when someone says, "Believe what we believe or die", that is a crime against humanity. One that all RELIGIONS have committed.