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Families of slain protesters reject immunity provision

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protesters at change square

BY NY Staff

The father of the youngest protester – 15-year-old Jihad – to be killed at Sana’a’s Kentucky Intersection, has publicly demanded that those who were behind such deadly violence be arrested and prosecuted.

Jihad’s father stated that he and many others completely reject the immunity law which was granted to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh. “We, the families of the martyrs, have nothing to do with the granting of immunity as it was a political deal to help the country survive the crisis,” he stated.

“Our sons sacrificed their lives to overthrow the regime, which ruled the country for 33 years. However, the revolution’s goals have not been fully achieved, as Saleh continues to threaten the stability of the country and hinder efforts by President Hadi and the government,” he added.

Speaking about his resolve, he said, “On this occasion, we promise our sons and the martyrs that we will continue our revolution until we have reached our goals.”

According to him, he was sitting when he was told that his son joined protestors in a march. “I went with my friend to Change Square and went to the Science and Technology Hospital,” he said.

He added that he read his son’s name on a list of injured people, but when looking around, found that his son had already died.