SAFER passes the ISO 9001:2008

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BY NY Staff

The Marine Department and the FSO SAFER of SEPOC have passed the ISO 9001:2008 and the International Safety Management (ISM) code annual audit on Septermber 12-13, 2012. The audit was conducted by Germanisher Lloyd (GL) of Germany. The following certificates were obtained and endorsed:

 Short-term Document of Complaince (DOC) certificate was issued to the Marine Office in Hodeidah.  The final certificate is to be issued by the GL head office in Germany.

FSO SAFER has passed the intermediate audit and  her original Safety Management Certificate (SMC) was endorsed, valid until 2015.

The ISO certificate will be issued from the GL head office in Germany.

 The DOC certificate is concerned with the operation and management of oil tankers.

The SMC will be issued to FSO SAFER in accordance with the ISM Code of the IMO.

The Quality Management System Certificate is for the Operation, Management, Receiving, Custody and Export of Crude Oil to export tankers. It is issued in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 for the Marine Department and FSO SAFER.

The Safety and Quality Management System was first implemented by FSO SAFER and the Marine Department in Hodeidah in the year 2000, where it has since continued.

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  • After the safety audit, they were granted the ISO. It is a benchmark for the enterprise and is cumulative with world standards based on this industry. They have made significant investments in modular facets that yielded beneficial results.