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Hadi concludes world tour with visit to Saudi Arabia

National Yemen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour

By NY Staff

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi concluded a tour to western nations with a short visit to Saudi Arabia which lasted only a few hours. During the visit, he met with King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz and discussed the results of his tour of the U.S. and a number of European nations.

Political sources described Hadi’s visit as part of an effort to fix a gap in relations between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, which some consider former president Ali Abdullah Saleh of trying to create.

Sources have stated that remnants of Saleh’s regime have tried to foil the success of Hadi’s tours in all possible ways, and this most recent one in particular, the longest he has taken since taking office in February.

According to Yemeni political analysts, Hadi perceived the challenges lying before his tour and attempts Saleh would make to prevent the success of his tour. “Hadi insisted on fully carrying out his duties, and didn’t pay attention to warnings he received before he departed,” stated a government source.

Analysts also stated that Hadi saw the tour as representing a great challenge and also as a way to prove himself.

Yemen received a good deal of support from donors in excess of $7 billion by way of the Friends of Yemen Conference in Riyadh and New York. According to observers, Yemen has put itself in a position to regain the trust of international donors who lost faith during Saleh’s tenure as president.

“This was clearly stated by a number of western leaders who said that their prior support hadn’t been properly used.”