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Islah Party chairman demands gov’t tend to revolution’s victims

National Yemen

Fathi Alaazab

By NY Staff

Dr. Fathi Al-Azab, the Chairman of the Islah Party’s Media Department, has demanded that the government attend to and improve the living situations of wounded protesters and the families of slain protesters. Al-Azab said it was shameful that government ministers had done nothing for the above in the wake of Yemen’s recent revolution.

Speaking about the anniversary of the party’s founding, Al-Azab said it coincides with the celebrations for the anniversaries of the nation’s September and October revolutions.

“The difference with the February revolution has eligibility to be considered among the important revolutions in Yemeni history,” he added.

Al-Azab added that the Islah party stands by the republican regime established by those who forged the September revolution. “However, the former regime used all possible tools to destroy the country and build a family army; it’s still trying to foil the revolution,” he continued.

Al-Azab called on the president and government to officially announce that the February revolution will be recognized as a national occasion to be celebrated every year.