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JMP Chairman denies party differences irreconcilable

National Yemen

Sultan Al-Atwani

Sultan Al-Atwani, JMP Chairman and Deputy President of the National Dialogue’s Preparatory Committee, has restated a refusal to extend the term length of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s presidency.

“We agreed on a political settlement which was dependent on specified time limits, which means everything should be achieved within its limits and with no extensions,” he said.

Al-Atwani denied the existence of irreconcilable differences between parties, and added that differing viewpoints were discussable. “We still believe that the JMP was the main factor behind the revolution’s eruption,” he stated.

According to Al-Atwani, there is no possibility that the former regime will see a revival, not with a new president, a new government, and legitimacy for both. He added that now is the time to focus on the transitional phase to help Yemen reach safety. “Ali Saleh should be dealt with in the same way as any other citizen and should live in this society without provoking any issues,” he said.

Al-Atwani said that Saleh must either lose his immunity or be prosecuted to avoid his causing problems which harm the interests of the Yemeni people. “The revolution could overthrow Saleh’s regime and his projects, but couldn’t construct the civil state Yemenis aspire for,” he added.

He also spoke about arbitrarily detained citizens, saying that it is a crime for them to be kept in detention. According to him, some continue to be detained in anonymous places controlled by remnants of the former regime.

The JMP Chairman confidently stated that the removal of Ahmed Ali, commander of the Republican Guard and the Private Forces, from his position may be carried out soon. “He may also leave his position willingly, as he will see that he doesn’t fit the position he now occupies,” said Al-Atwani.

Moving on to another issue, Al-Atwani said that Dr. Yaseen Saeed Numan left Yemen to treat his wife after an assassination attempt against him, and that it wasn’t a matter of his having fled the country. Al-Atwani called the assassination attempt a crime “which mustn’t be ignored.”

Al-Atwani concluded by saying that no-one can – including Iran – can be allowed to threaten Yemen’s stability and security.