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National Yemen

National Yemen Magazine Cover

The National Yemen newspaper has issued a special magazine supplement in Arabic. Pictured above is the supplement’s front page cover, which features the 13 men who have been president in Yemen. The supplement magazine is timed to coincide with the 50-year anniversary of the country’s September 26th Revolution. A rich assortment of content fills the magazine’s pages, with features on the possibility of the National Dialogue’s setting the stage for civil war in Yemen, an article on the role of the media from the September 26 Revolution until the present day – including a focus on radio from Cairo and Monte Carlo, and a closer look at each of the above presidents of Yemen – an intriguing look at revolutionaries, assassinations, national heroes and the shifting complexion of modern Yemeni history, as embodied by its various leaders. The front-page illustration is by well-known artist Adnan Juman. The September 26 magazine supplement can be found in bookshops or ordered directly from the National Yemen office.