British Council and Al-Aman Association launch activities for blind

National Yemen

Hana'a Al-Shami talking to the blind students

By NY Staff

The British Council and the Al-Aman Association have launched joint activities which consist of visiting schools in Sana’a governorate to check on the integration of blind students with sighted students.

The process of integrating blind students in Yemen started in 1997 in 11 governorates around Yemen. It began in Sana’a with the integration of three students; at present, there are 121 girls and 88 boys integrated in schools in Sana’a and who have received assistance from the Al-Aman association

The visit targeted 15 schools in Sana’a governorate, and kicked off with the Halima School. During the visit, Rahma, a blind student, cited the difficulties the blind face at public schools. “We suffer from the treatment of sighted students and teachers. They don’t treat us like the others because we are blind,” she said.

Eiman Salah, the headmistress at Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed School, said that no one came to us from Comprehensive Education to check on the blind students, and that people from the Al-Aman Association are the only ones who seek to take care of them.

British Council representative Hana’a Al-Shami said a workshop would be lunched on Monday, October 15 to discuss the integration of blind students’ in public schools and the difficulties they face.

“The workshop will come out with a work plan that should be implemented in schools, and to increase the level of awareness between school administrations and students,” Al-Shami said.