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Saleh reportedly strengthens ties with Houthis

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Former Yemeni President

By NY Staff

Yemen is witnessing a new era when it comes to the map of political and tribal coalitions. Political and military sources have stated that there are indications of a coalition which lately emerged between former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthi group, which controls and rules over Sa’ada governorate and some surrounding areas. The coalition is reportedly being made even after six wars were carried out by Saleh against the Houthis over the past eight years.

A source told Al-Watan that Saleh sent a delegation of his strong military and diplomatic players to play the role of mediator with the purpose of breaking the strength of the Islah Party, who also happen to be a strong enemy of the Houthis.

A source said the coming era would witness dramatic changes in the map of political and tribal coalitions in Yemen. This comes after an announcement by the largest tribal coalition, which is headed by Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, the head of the Hashid tribe. Al-Ahmar expressed his tribe’s readiness to face the expansion of the Houthis in Sunni areas by buying the loyalties of a few politicians, military commanders and media men in such areas.

A diplomatic source recently stated that the government had in its possession a document which proves Iranian involvement with and support of Houthis in Sa’ada.

A number of Iran’s own Presidential Guard are being detained by the Yemeni government, and are set to appear in court soon. This information comes after Hadi refused to receive his Iranian counterpart in New York during the regular meeting of the United Nations general session.

Hadi’s reaction sent a clear message to Iran to give up its continued involvement in Yemeni affairs. Hadi warned against possible Iranian plans to control Bab Al-Mandab, and said that if Iran were to succeed in achieving such an aim, it would represent a more harmful situation than if it had a nuclear bomb. If Iran were to gain control of Bab Al-Mandab, it would have effective control of both the Gulf and the Red Seas.