UK provides financial support for battle against malnutrition

National Yemen

British Minister Alan Duncan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sadi and UNICEF's representative in Yemen Greet Cappelaere at the British Ambassador's residence in Sana'a.

By NY Staff

A press conference was held at the British Ambassador’s residence in Sana’a to discuss national development and efforts to stem malnutrition in Yemen.

The conference was attended by British International Development Minister Alan Duncan, Yemeni Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sadi and the UNICEF Representative in Yemen Greet Cappelaere.

Duncan said that the British government would provide UNICEF with 35 million pounds to help fight malnutrition in Yemen.

“The world must take long-term action to tackle malnutrition in Yemen before it becomes a death sentence for tens of thousands. We are announcing a new UK package for long-term support to help improve conditions for 1.65 million women and children across Yemen” announced Mr. Duncan.

For his part, Mr. Greet Cappelaere said that the over the last two years, UK funding has helped UNICEF provide immediate and lifesaving interventions to Yemenis suffering as a result of ongoing development and humanitarian crises.

Dr. Mohammed Al-ssadi said that it was clear that there was malnutrition, but pointed out that maladministration was also an important issue. “There is no doubt that Yemen suffers from economic crisis, but this resulted from a political crisis, and to solve such cases we start with political reform and provide an environment for development  and ways to get benefits from donor services,” Al-Sadi said.