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Yemeni Journalists’ Union speaks out against phone hacking

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Yemeni Journalists’ Union

By NY Staff

The Yemeni Journalists’ Union has received a number of complaints from various local and international media correspondents to the effect that journalists in Yemen sometimes face intentional interference when attempting to communicate with their media companies and employers.

The latest complaint came from Abdulaziz Al-Hayajim, a correspondent for Russia Today, who said that his calls to his media company were often blocked, with him at times receiving a message that his phone was out of the coverage area.

Furthermore, Al-Hayajim said that when Russia Today staff have attempted to contact him, his calls have been intercepted, with unidentified persons responding on his behalf and speaking in an unprofessional manner.

The Yemeni Journalists’ Union has issued a statement against such violating and potentially harmful actions, including actions which apparently serve to control and interfere with the work of journalists.

The union also called upon the Telecommunications and Interior Ministries, as well as different state intelligence departments, to explain what is behind such happenings, as such authorities have direct connections with the actions of journalists in Yemen.