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Presidential order sees cancellation of private phone numbers

National Yemen

Perisdent Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi

Hadi ordered the cancelation of all private mobile phone numbers in Yemen, including those belonging to diplomats, security forces, Saleh family members and other, said a security source.

Hadi said the numbers included landline numbers, and totaled about 1,200 landline numbers, 2,300 Yemen Mobile numbers and 6,500 numbers from the three mobile phone companies which use the GSM mobile phone system. The numbers may not represent the actual number of people who used them, as any powerful figure may have used multiple numbers from the different systems.

Out of the total amount of numbers, around 200 reportedly belonged to members of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s family and others associated with the former regime.

In other news, Hadi announced that the army had achieved victories against Al-Qaeda in Abyan and Shabwa, before vowing to continue eradicating Al-Qaeda’s presence in Yemen.

“We will continue to deal firmly with these groups, until they have been completely removed from our land, and until security, stability and tranquility have been ensured for citizens,” he said.

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