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Southern Movement group agrees to participate in Nat’l Dialogue

National Yemen

Southern Movement protesters at a gathering in Aden's Crater district.

A political source has stated that some portions of the Southern Movement have broken off in order to take part in the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, which is set to begin by the middle of November and last for six months’ time. Many parties and factions have expressed an interest to participate in the conference.

The source said that of all groups, only extremist Southern Movement followers of former Yemeni Vice President Ali Salem Al-Beid had refused to participate in the conference. Meanwhile, prominent Southern Movement figure Hassan Ba-Awaom has stated his willingness to participate. Another portion of Southern Movement supporters living abroad has chosen Lotfi Shatar to represent their interests on the National Dialogue’s Preparatory Committee.

Shatar attended the first meeting along with Ali Hassan Zaki and Abdullah Al-Nakhabi. The source added that ex-president Ali Nssair Mohammed was waiting to choose his representative before the Preparatory Committee launched activities. Representatives of Ibana Al-Yemen Party, which is headed by Abdulrahman Al-Jafri, have stated that though they have some concerns, they fundamentally agree with the premise of the National Dialogue Conference.