U.S ambassador attends ceremony for Yemeni-Americans

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Yemeni -Americans Awards Gerald Feierstein

The Yemeni-American Political Action Committee (YAPAC) held its annual ceremony to mark the beginning of the American electoral process this past Saturday in Michigan. The ceremony was attended by United States Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein, who is currently traveling through the U.S with a delegation of Yemeni businessmen.

During the ceremony, Feierstein delivered a speech in which he expressed the American administration’s commitment to provide economic and political support to Yemen. He further expressed a desire held by the American government to preserve Yemen’s unity and stability.

For his part, YAPAC head Dr. Mohammed Al-Jahmi praised the positive relationship Yemen shares with the U.S and expressed his gratitude to the Obama Administration for its support of development in Yemen.

Al-Jahmi honored Feierstein for his key role in defusing tensions in Yemen in 2011, and for standing by the Yemeni people’s side.

The ceremony was attended by senators, high-ranking officials from U.S. State Department, Obama supporters from Michigan, a number of representatives of American organizations, representatives of Islamic associations, and a crowd full of Yemeni-Americans.

Feierstein also met with representatives of Yemeni associations and organizations and thanked them for their active participation in the American political process.