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Celebrating Eid in Yemen through Folklore dancing

National Yemen

A collecting dancing in a Yemeni way (Bura'a)

By NY Staff

Eid Al-Adha brings with it a number of traditional forms of
celebration. Another effective tradition is the large-scale movement
of families from cities to villages, reflecting peoples’ wishes to
escape the hard life and grind of the city. For many, Eid Al-Adha
means 10 days of traditions – such as the retelling through dance of
the story of ‘Amir Al-Jariyah’. In the south, more colorful and
finely-stitched ‘mawaz’ wraps will be worn by men, while in the north,
the pure white thowb will be accompanied by finely-crafted ‘jambiyah’
daggers – with traditional, localized dances being the cause of their
being unsheathed.