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Dr. Al-Qirbi discuss Yemen partnership on 12th Meeting of the Council of Ministers IOR-ARC

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Yemen foreign minsters speaks on 12th Meeting of the Council of Ministers

By NY Staff

Dr. Abu Baker Al-Qirbi Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Delegation  Republic of Yemen 12th Meeting of the Council of Ministers (COM) which was held in Gurgaon city in  India on November 2, 2012, delivered speech on behalf of Yemen. Al-Qirbi said that he looks forward to work with his counterpart to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries Yemen and India.

“It gives me great pleasure to attend this 12th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation which is convening in Gurgaon” said al-Qirbi. On behalf of my delegation, I must express our deep appreciation to the Government and people of India for the preparation for our meeting in this beautiful atmosphere. and warm hospitality and we also extend our thanks to the Secretariat senior officials for their hard work in preparing for our meeting.

Al-Qirbi  welcomes the new membership of the Union of Comoros and he assures that Comoros   will play a positive role in the organization. We are encouraged by the joining of the US as a dialogue partner as it indicates the US realization of the importance of this group and to provide its support for the organization.

The foreign minister appreciated the support of government of India for its one million $ contribution to the special fund. Furthermore, the constructive participation of  the countries Dialogue Partners in our meetings demonstrate the willingness of all our stakeholders to work together to achieve tangible results in the mission to improve the lives of ordinary people in the region.

 “we are all encouraged by the progress made by the organization although there is major work to be done to make it an active forum for greater economic and technical cooperation by governments and private sector as well as exchange of experts the more we focus on this and less politics the more likely we are to achieve our goal and create stronger bones between our countries.” Said al-Qirbi.

There is no doubt that the organization will depend on leadership, innovative thinking and programmers as well as adequate budget. Our success will lead to the protection and better neutralization.

Al- Qirbi said that thousands of fishermen in Yemen have their source of substance by abandoning their fishing for fear of being attacked by naval ships in suspecting them as pirate boat. This has resulted in the loss of lives of several fishermen and over 200 million $ of revenue for Yemen. I hope the organization will look at way to deal with this and make the countries responsible of this accountable

The Fisheries Support Unit, the Maritime Transport Council, the Regional Center of Science and Transfer of Technology, the Preferential Trade Agreement, and our progress in initiating Trade and Investment opportunities, deserve the support of all Member States. It is critical that these projects be regional in character and this can only be done if we have the broad participation of our Member States.

“Yemen is ready to do whatever it can to strengthen the Association and to improve the level of its cooperation with IORARC and proposes the establishment of a traditional fishing resource unit in Yemen, to promote and enhance fishermen’s abilities.” Concludes al-Girbi