Tawaf: “The Ministry of Social Affairs is neglecting the blind”

National Yemen

Yemeni Forum for Disabled Persons

By: Asma Al-Mohattwari

The Yemeni Forum for Disabled Persons and the Al-Aman Association for Care for the Blind recently held a workshop focusing on the challenges of integrating students with visual disabilities into public schools. The workshop was sponsored by The Ministry of Education and the British Council.

Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr. Muhammad Tawaf spoke at the beginning of the workshop and accused the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor of neglecting and showing indifference to the blind.

Tawaf called for a meaningful partnership between the Ministries of Education and Social Affairs so that people with disabilities may achieve success. “Do not put the responsibility on the Ministry of Education only… the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor should take some responsibility also,” he said.

Noor Ba Obaid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, left the room early without responding to any of the accusations levied against the ministry.

Nwaf Shamsan, General Director of the British Council, said the aim of the workshop was to pinpoint the difficulties facing the blind and then come up with solutions.

British Council representative Hana’a Al-Shami said after the workshop that all school principals know how they should deal with blind students. “We will go to the schools to check if the work plan has been applied in the schools or not,” she said.