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200 fishermen detained in Eritrean prisons

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Fishermen ride out to see off the Yemeni coast

BY NY Staff

Yemeni fishermen have appealed to Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa to obtain the release of their fellow fishermen, who were recently detained by Eritrean authorities.

Fishermen in Hodeida have stated that more than 200 Fisherman are currently being held in Eritrean prisons. Around 900 fishing boats are also said to have been confiscated by Eritrean authorities.

The fishermen carried out a protest against the entry of foreign boats to the shores of their governorate. In addition, they demanded the cancellation of the agreement under which freedom is granted to large ships which resort to unnatural means of fishing which lead to the washing away of corals and sea farms.

In a statement issued by the local Tehama organization, the fishermen said that Basindowa’s government, the Ministry of Fisheries and the leadership of the local authority in Aden carried the responsibility of maintaining fisheries and the future of tens of thousands of families, who risk being added to the ranks of the unemployed.

The organization also called on the foreign ministry to redefine the nature of Yemen’s relationship with neighboring countries which assault citizens and fishermen. They also demanded the quick release of the detained fishermen.

The statement called on all political parties, community agencies, civil society organizations and human rights organizations inside and outside Yemen to stand in solidarity with suffering fishermen in the Red and Arabian Seas, who, the fishermen said, are vulnerable to government agencies and neighboring countries

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  • It is very common in the countries with common seas because fishermen do not realize and often cross the boundaries while fishing sometimes. The rate of unemployment is increasing day by day and now the governments are starting programs to reduce it.