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Motorcycles used in startling number of crimes

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Motorcycles riders are increasingly being seen as menace in city streets

BY NY Staff

The Yemeni government is conducting an extensive campaign in the capital city of Sana’a and in all of Yemen’s governorates to reign in motorcycles which don’t have authorized license plate numbers.

Yemen’s transitional period has seen a sharp increase in the number of crimes committed by individuals riding motorcycles. More than 63 police officers have been killed over the past few months and most were shot to death by individuals riding on motorcycles. The Interior Ministry has stated on its website that it has impounded more than 507 illegally-used motorcycles which before would move about the capital freely.

The Interior Ministry’s announcement comes as it tries to stem the massive amount of attacks against police and soldiers; also, motorcycles are used by Al-Qaeda as a tool for easy movement and as a way to evade capture by the police.

The Interior Ministry posted statistics on its website detailing the number of motorcycle-related crimes and accidents. According to the statistics, motorcycles were used in 200 reported crimes in 2011, while 1,150 people were left injured in the same year. In 2012, motorcycles have been behind the deaths of 46 people, with 296 left injured.

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  • Indeed, owning a motorcycle can have numerous benefits but there are also disadvantages to this. I just don't understand why people always seem to find out ways to do bad things when the intention originally was for the good.