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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister to visit Sana’a

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Turkish Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs Ali Babakan

BY NY Staff

Turkish Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs Ali Babakan is set to arrive on November 24 in an official visit to Yemen along with high ranking businessmen and a delegation of investors. The upcoming official visit by the Turkish delegation will be the second of its kind to visit Yemen in less than two months, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s trip to Sana’a in October.

The Turkish delegation will hold talks with senior Yemeni officials and ministers, including the ministers of planning and international cooperation; oil, gas and minerals; finance; and industry and trade. A source said the Turkish delegation had set up a plan to visit a number of Yemeni cities to study the potential for launching joint venture projects with the purpose of creating further opportunities for investment and progress for both countries.

A few days ago, the Turkish government issued a statement by the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying that the Turkish government is continuing an extensive investigation of a cargo container of weapons shipped from Turkey to Yemen inside biscuit boxes. Meanwhile, a Turkish official has revealed details of the shipment procedure on the Turkish end.

Turkish Ambassador to Yemen Mr. Fazli Corman appeared to the media at a press conference, and said that his country enjoys outstanding relations with Yemen and that his government “would never think to harm Yemen.”

“Turkey will remain a strong partner in Yemen’s development process, and such illegal activities wo’’t stop Turkey from continuing its direct assistance to Yemen,” said Corman.

The ambassador said Turkish authorities were now further inspecting whether the arms were in the unopened part of the cargo, or if the contents of the biscuit boxes had been manipulated on the way to Yemen after the ship had departed from Turkey.

“Thank god the shipment did not reach the hands of smugglers or its final destination, and the government authorities managed to stop it at the right time,” said Corman,

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