Petromasila workers on strike

National Yemen

PetroMasila facility in the CPF in Wadi Hadramout

The General Syndicate of Oil Production and Export Workers has demanded that the Minister of Oil and Minerals take responsibility for meeting workers’ demands in accordance with presidential decrees.
In a press release, the syndicate stated that it had worked hard to avert crisis and held a meeting with the company’s general manager and a number of syndicate representatives with the aim of reaching an agreement. In its statement, the syndicate added that the meeting’s results amounted to nothing excepting the ignorance of some of those who participated.
“There is an intention to foil all our efforts, even though we presented solutions that would satisfy all participating sides, solutions which would also satisfy national interests and those of the workers, who do much to build the great economy of the country,” added the syndicate.
According to the syndicate, moral, national and professional responsibilities toward God and country had been disclaimed. It also held all parties accountable for any possible failure, as they see “success is very close and nothing is needed but the commitment of those who are participating.”
Petromasila workers commenced their strike on Sunday, rejecting what they called the “Ministry of Finance policies” and the violations against employment laws. According to released statements, the strike may suspend the exporting of around 160 thousand barrels of oil per day.

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