Public Telecommunications Corporation launches WiMAX to add new level to telecom business

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Minister of Telecommunications and IT launches the new project of WiMax first implementation phase in Yemen

By NY Staff

Telecom and IT Minister Dr. Ahmed Obiad Bin Daghar, along with Sana’a mayor Mr. AbdulQadir Ali Halil and the general director of Public Telecommunication Corporation Mr. Sadiq Mosleh officially gathered last week at PTC headquarters in Sana’a along with telecom executives and members of the media to witness the official launch of the technical implementation of the WiMax project.

WiMax is one of the fourth-generation high technologies high advance wireless telecom with a wide broadband of telecom data transfer and high internet speed. The goal of this service is to provide a large number of users with wireless features not used before in Yemen.

The project will kick off in two phases to cover both Sana’a and Aden through 28 tower stations and at a total cost of 591 million Yemeni Riyals. The minister said that this represented one of the nation’s most important projects, one which deserves great attention from the ministry and the PTC due to potential profit returns and excellent benefits of the service, both technologically and economically speaking.

WiMAX stands for ‘Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access’. WiMAX is a wireless broadband technology which gives you the best of two worlds, combining the performance of Wi-Fi networks with the coverage of mobile phone networks.

With WiMAX, you can access – via microwave frequencies – the world of communications. It represents the best way to exchange large files in microseconds. Also, you have the stability of that comes with broadband internet access that isn’t shared, meaning individual users are given their own bandwidth. If a subscriber asks for four mega of space, it’s only for him – which means no sharing with other customers, as is the case with traditional WiFi networks, where users essentially dilute each other’s connections.

WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access for up to 30 miles for fixed stations and 3 to 10 miles for mobile stations. WiFi wireless local area networks, on the other hand, are generally limited to 100 – 300 feet.

These days, the need for fast internet connections grows stronger each day. At the same time, people’s mobile lifestyles demand mobile internet connections which don’t stop at your doorway. This is where WiMAX comes in, providing users with fast, incredibly mobile internet connections. WiMAX opens the door for free telephone calls over the internet, and convenient connections using laptops, electronic book readers, tablets and, of course, mobile phones. Even at high speeds – up to 180 kilometers per hour – WiMAX technology can be relied upon to provide uninterrupted connections.

For larger customers, such as private sector clients, an outdoor modem will receive the WiMAX signal and convert it to WiFi for the use of company employees. For familes, connections will be convenient and compromised inside the home. Finally, for mobile users, neither their cars nor their lifestyles will get in the way of reliable, secure mobile internet connections.

Minister of Telecommunications Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar said, we are looking for all the people to benefit from this technology and it is will be available to all kinds of people, and not just a specific group. It will be helpful in many fields – in education, health, communication. Our hope is that will be used as a positive learning tool, to get the use of all services, and I hope that the WiMAX stations will give value to users’ time, and provide them with high quality service. I’m asking that the base stations be well-maintained and always kept secure. We will be committed to listening to feedback and will actively respond whenever needed.

Sadeq Mosleh, Director General of Public Telecom Corporation

We are dedicating a lot of effort to installing a number of stations and to following up with installations and meeting the highest standards; to caring about the coverage area for this service; to reaching all possible customers. This will be the project of the year and it will represent a new phase in the telecom industry, and a new direction for internet connectivity. It will benefit the whole country in many fields, and a great many people will benefit from it.

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  • Great to know about the new wireless telecommunication service "WiMAX". This will create a change in telecommunication. It will improve the speed of broadband wireless internet connection. Thanks for this wonderful news, keep posting more updates on this, and keep blogging.