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UNICEF workshop on children’s issues concludes

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UNICEF and the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate concludes a training workshop on child issues.

By NY Staff

UNICEF and the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate have concluded a training workshop focused on effective reporting on children’s issues in Sana’a.

Over four days, the course was organized to provide 21 trainees – representing various media outlets in a number of governorates – with new skills and capabilities concerned with covering and calling attention to children’s issues. Trainees were also informed about how to properly identify laws focused on children’s rights.

UNICEF Representative Jeremy Hopkins said he hoped the journalists would carry over what they learned at the workshop into their professional lives and give children’s issues proper attention and priority.

“50 percent of Yemeni children are suffering and dying every year, so we must continue to work with children to improve their situation,” Hopkins concluded.

For his part, Nabil Al-Osidi, a representative of the Journalists Syndicate and Chairman of the Rehabilitation and Training Committee, pointed out the importance of the workshop, which is aimed at dealing with the most important issues and concerns link with children’s futures.

The workshop contained a review of UNICEF’s ethical principles when it comes to media coverage of children’s issues.

Throughout the duration of the workshop, the team carried out a field tour and covered a number of human interest stories concerned children’s education, water environmental pollution, the children recruitment and its risks on their lives, as well as child malnutrition, and street children.

UNICEF Representative Jeremy Hopkins and the representative of the Journalists Syndicate Nabil Al-Osidi concluded the session by handing out certificates to the trainees. The UNICEF prize was won by the team who prepared a story on the recruitment of children. Prizes included digital cameras and five trips to various Yemeni governorates.