When to strike?

By Fakhri al-Arashi

The peaceful strike is a worker’s right, one which he uses to regain lost benefits or basic dignity. What can be noticed nowadays is that the strike turns out to be a fashion either in the private sector, the government or, when it comes down to it, in any working position. I am not here to defend labor rights; neither do I intend to support such companies who wish to overtake the rights of poor workers.

The concept to discuss here is why all issues of right and wrong have come to the surface at such a time as this. Is this a song of rights being demanded when the educational sector, oil employees, doctors at Al-Thawra hospital, tobacco company employees and many others threaten the daily activities of their organizations? What make the labor wake up now after such long periods of struggle?

Why don’t these good employees protest not only for their rights, but against the daily increase in corruption which harms a new generation’s honor? Both have a priority in each one of us, when it comes to implementation, but the right choice is to start fighting the one which kills our national values.

Yes, strikes are good and a form of democratic expression. Yet what is happening now in Yemen is not just about right and wrong – when it comes down to it, economically speaking, the country is being pulled back into the first quarter of 2011.

The political situation in 2011 was bad and yet seems scarier in 2012. 2011 was a year of political clashes and some were satisfied with the results. But 2012 is a year of reviving a cold war battle between political losers and winners. It’s more or less a fight to prove the rights of few… while using all to legitimize the success of factions and parties.

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