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Sana’a:ten killed in a military plane crash

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High mix crowded of police and citizens on the ground of military crashed plane

Today early morning the people in Sana’a waked up to know the tragedy of a military plane crashed in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, killing 10 military high raking officers  including the pilot, Yemen’s defense ministry and an airport source said.

The cargo plane tried to make an emergency landing at an air base near Sanaa’s main airport on Wednesday when one of its engines failed.

“An Antonov crashed following a technical problem. The pilot and nine other people were killed,” a statement on the defense ministry’s website 26Sep.net said.

The plane crashed in Sanaa’s northern neighborhood of Al-Hassaba, according to an NY reporter said that the pilot tried to avoid the inhabited areas and landed in uninhabited  market in al-Hasaba. Rescue teams failed to saves the staff due to the big gathering of citizens who doubled the tasks for the emergency savers.

“The military aircraft, which was on a training mission, tried to make an emergency landing after its engine failed but crashed at Al-Hassaba,” a source at the airport said.

A resident said three explosions occurred as the plane crashed, followed by plumes of smoke.

Firefighters and ambulances raced to the site, while a helicopter flew overhead, according to residents.