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Hamas Representative: Palestinian resistance achieved its goals

National Yemen

BY NY Staff

Hamas representative Abdulmo’ti  Zaqout has stated that the Palestinian resistance achieved it goals and forced the ‘Zionists’ to submit to its conditions. In Cairo, Zaqout spoke about the ceasefire agreement which was recently reached between the Palestinians and Israelis, and sponsored by the Egyptian government.

The contract was announced by Egyptian President Morsi and stated that Israel should end it strike and various operations in the Gaza Strip. Zaqout said that the deal made the goals of resistance come true “thanks to Allah, the resistance, and the different movements headed by Hamas and represented by the Al-Qassam Movement.”

He added that the ‘Israeli occupiers’ had their own conditions before and during the war with Gaza, which included Hamas not manufacturing or importing weapons.

“They provided that Hamas shouldn’t have any kinds of weapons and that it should be observed by international forces,” said Zaqout.

According to him, the ceasefire agreement represents a calming influence rather than a permanent truce, and he also pointed out that it falls within the boundaries of Palestinian resistance movement’s program.

Zaqout congratulated Arab and Islamic nations and the Palestinians for a “great victory,” one which he said followed “eight days of fighting and patience.” He also thanked the Yemeni President, government and people and the Egyptian President for supporting the Palestinian resistance.