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Shoura Council member calls for new capital city

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Judge Yahya Gahtan sitting at the back seat

By NY Staff

Yemeni Shoura Council member Yahya Abdullah Qahtan has called for a new capital city for Yemen. In his stated opinion, Sana’a is no longer suitable, as armed militias have spread their control throughout the capital.

Qahtan stated that the GCC initiative arrived to address the problems of northern political forces, and that it never mentioned the southern issue. For this reason, Qahtan called for another initiative to attempt to solve southern issues.

In a related matter, Executive Office Chief Saeed Al-Yafei said that those who want southern leaders to return from abroad and to Yemen should know that the President and Prime minister cannot protect themselves and so cannot protect others if they should come back to Yemen.

“The southerners should form a council for the leaders resembling the JMP which includes all the southern components in one place,” said Al-Yafei.

For his part, Southern Liberation Party Secretary General Saleh Saiel said that anyone who represented the south at the National Dialogue Conference is openly betraying the southern movement.

“We are demanding full independence to have clean generations, and then we can achieve unity in a way that current leaders haven’t been able to,” he stated. Saiel accused the technical committee of presenting fake names to represent certain sides in Sana’a as southern representatives.