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8-year-old girl kidnapped from her home in Sana’a

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An eight-year-old child has been kidnapped from her home in Sana’a’s Soad Hanash area by a girl who claimed she was a neighbor with a wedding party invitation.

The young kidnapper took the eight-year-old girl from her yard, and threatened her with death if she tried to escape or yell. After extended search efforts, the kidnapped girl’s family found her on Al-Kuwait Street two hours later.

The child’s father, recounting his daughter’s abduction, said, “At the time of the kidnapping, my wife and I were visiting my uncle. A girl who went by the nickname ‘Al-Ssery’ claimed she was a neighbor with an invitation for our family to attend a woman’s wedding party.”

‘Al-Ssery’ then asked the grandmother to send one of the family’s daughters to pick up the invitation card, but was met with refusal. When the child went to close the door to the yard, the young kidnapper took the opportunity to make off with the girl.

“We asked about in our neighborhood about the unknown girl’s family and about a wedding party, but nobody knew who or what we were referring to,” said the father.

The father complained about the failure of the Al-Hassaba Police Station to perform any investigations regarding the identity of the young kidnapper or who she may have been working for.

The father said he considered the lack of an investigation a crime against children, as some kidnapped children are treated like commercial goods, as they can be smuggled into Saudi Arabia or have their organs sold.

It has been reported that most abductions which occur at or near family homes are performed by female perpetrators, whether women or girls.

The Interior Ministry announced that it foiled an attempt to smuggle 15 children in the city of Haradh near the Saudi Arabian border last month.