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Administrative Court orders treatment of revolutionaries’ injuries

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By NY Staff

Last Thursday, the Prime Minister was directed by the Administrative Court to execute orders to treat people who were injured in last year’s revolution. The orders specified that those requiring treatment receive necessary medical attention outside of Yemen, and also that lawyer for injured individuals be compensated with 440,000 Yemeni rails. The court further stated that it would execute the orders itself if the Prime Minister failed to.

The Administrative Court’s statement read as follows:

According to the medical report presented by the field hospital at Change Square in Sana’a, and from a number of other hospitals, it is clear that individuals were left with serious injuries as a result of their participation in the peaceful revolution. Consequently, they are in serious need of treatment outside the country at the government’s expense, as they cannot be treated in Yemen.

According to Article 238, courts should undergo standard procedures in such cases, and should instead quickly issue judgments when individuals are faced with grave conditions which threaten their lives.

In addition, the court is required to force the defendants to treat the injured so that they may avoid any deterioration in their health. Defendants should work on this issue immediately, as any delay increases the possibility that they may lose injured parts of their bodies.

Hence, the prosecution was responded to in accordance with the law, as the judicial system always depends on documents which prove the statements of prosecutors and defendants to be true.

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  • Good news! Glad to know that the Prime Minister said people who were injured in last year’s revolution. It is good news for the injured people. I think that in that case should communicate with an experts and reputed medical and specialist. Thanks!