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Benomar: “Moving forward won’t be less difficult”

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Jamal Benomar at the change square.photo Luke Somers

By NY Staff

United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar has said that Yemen’s transitional process is at a delicate stage, as preparations for the National Dialogue Conference are now coming to an end. “This process is still fragile and surrounded with great risks as it continues to be threatened by those who don’t want to change,” said Benomar.

Benomar said he had a renewed commitment to work with different political parties and the international community to ensure the launching of the National Dialogue and continuity for the transitional process.

Benomar called on all political leaders and the technical committee to solve unresolved issues as it is necessary to launch the conference and give all factions a chance to discuss important issues. “Moving forward won’t be less difficult, but I am sure that our efforts to support Yemen will succeed in the end,” he added.

According to him, there was noticeable progress in the last year. Benomar said, “All concerned parties worked hard and reached a comprehensive consensus on the political transitions and fixing the mistakes of the past.

He also confirmed the importance of admitting youths and following a clear path to ensure their participation in the transitional period. He also said women must be represented in the dialogue and in the country’s entire future.

“The National Dialogue is owned by Yemenis and is led by the Yemeni people; it is important to secure Yemen’s future, but there needs to be bold steps to assure all Yemenis that their aspirations will come true,” he stated.

Benomar also said that it was inspiring to see all youths, women and NGOs represented on the technical committee and positively participating in the process for change.

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