Sheba Airways to begin operating in Yemen

National Yemen

By: Bushra Al-Amery

Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindowa has directed the General Aviation Administration to provide Sheba Airways with a license, which will make it – after Al-Saeeda Airways – the second private aviation company in Yemen.

It has been estimated that the government will earn millions of dollars per year from the company. Moreover, Sheba Airways administration has stated an intention to activate various airports in Yemen, at the same time providing them with needed equipment.

In a statement, Qaed Al-Saeedi, Manager of Public Relations and Media for the company, said the company would begin functioning the moment it was licensed. He also thanked Prime Minister Basindowa and Transportation Minister Waeed Abdullah Batheeb for their cooperation.

Al-Saeedi stated that the company chose to operate in Yemen to help reduce unemployment and encourage investment. “The company aims to convey the right image of the ‘new Yemen’ to the world,” he said.


  • I am a retired Aircraft Engineer from Yemenia. I am in need of e-mails and addresses of Management of "Sheba Aviation". Thanks and regards.

  • Great to hear that Sheba Airways are planning to operate in Yemen. This would be helpful for people in the country because Sheba Airways is one of the cheapest airlines. Thanks for updating this information on your blog and keep posting with more updates on this.