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Three Yemeni universities chosen to be part of Islamic academic organization

National Yemen

Minister of Higher Education Hisham Sharif

BY NY Staff

The Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture has agreed to include in its ranks three Yemeni universities which were nominated by the Council for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The universities were chosen in accordance with quality assurance standards which measure the quality of universities in the Islamic world.

The statement came during a meeting between the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Abdulaziz Al-Towegeri, the General Manager of the organization. At the meeting, the two men discussed ways to enhance cooperation between Yemen and the organization.  They also discussed Yemeni quality assurance efforts and how committed the nation is to its duties in this regard, and especially when it comes to meeting recommendations by international organizations.

Minister Hisham Sharaf reviewed Yemen’s accomplishments in this area, including the establishment of the Council for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance. He stressed Yemen’s need to support council programs and activities and also stated that the council had the backing of the government. Sharaf added that the council’s budget would be ready in 2013.

“The council has the huge responsibility of assisting universities and preparing applications for around 37 universities, 13 of which are public and 24 of which are private,” he said.

For his part, the Islamic organization’s General Manager said, “It is important to review educational policies in light of factual data and regional and international changes which oblige Islamic countries to present comprehensive changes according to studied plans.”

He attributed the weakness of scientific capabilities in Islamic countries to low levels of financial support provided for efforts to improve science, technology and innovation.